Welcome To The French Pastry Lounge Blog

Welcome To The French Pastry Lounge Blog

We invite YOU to our French Pastry Lounge La Table Exquise.

Our goal at La Table Exquise French Pastry Lounge is simply to offer YOU the highest quality of fresh prepared French Pastry, excellent customer service and an initimate memorable lounge atmosphere experience to enjoy solo or have a chat with friends or that someone special.

YOU can expect friendly service, the aroma of fresh French Coffee, Organic Teas, extraordinary fresh daily baked goods by our authentic French Chef - Chef Sebastien and the most delicious French crusty baguettes, plain, almond or chocolate flaky croissants, delicous homemade quiche with caramelized onions, tomatoes and basil, gourmet bagguete sandwiches, Traditional French Pastries, a variety of fruit tarts and French desserts.

Are YOU Addicted To Chocolate? Need A Chocolate Dessert?

You MUST TRY Chef Sebastien La Table Exquise Signature Chocolate Dessert. Made with the finest imported French Chocolate and the BEST ingredients. Carefully Selected. NO SUGAR!

Chef Sebastien has an unwavering commitment to quality ingredients for everything that is made in La Table Exquise and served to our customers.

We are excited to be the Bedford-Stuyvesant first Authentic French Pastisserie. We are conveniently located to everyone in central Brooklyn. Our address is 370 Tompkins Ave. We are right on the corner of Tompkins Ave. and Putnam Ave.

Street parking is available. The #43 Bus stop is located near us.

"Mention YOU found us online on The French Pastry Lounge Blog".

There’s a lot more that we offer and for YOU to consider for dessert – but I’ve run out of time for this post. I hope YOU enjoyed the time we shared here today and bookmark "The French Pastry Lounge Blog' and return often.

I look forward to your visit to The La Table Exquise.

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Welcome To The French Pastry Lounge Blog

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